ACS Reassessments

We are engineers and aim to provide training & assessment the same way we would like to experience it. We offer a friendly and supportive atmosphere and we don’t take any more of your time than is necessary. We are passionate about what we do and we are here to help you where ever we can.

Is your ACS/CCN1 Reassessment due? Did you know that you can take the ACS Reassessment up to six months in advance of your expiry date? ACS Reassessments are designed to make sure that you are up to speed with any major changes within the industry and refresh your knowledge in areas you feel a need to.

Don’t want to renew all aspects of your appliances? Then don’t worry, you can sit these at a later date if you don’t want to do these immediately.

Viva Training Academy is the ideal location to complete your ACS Reassessment, with our friendly and supportive staff, you can feel at ease whilst you carry out the necessary examinations to renew your tickets. 

Refresher training is completely optional therefore if you want to brush up on your theoretical skills before your ACS Reassessment or if you feel you are prepared to take the ACS Reassessment straight away, it’s entirely your choice.

ACS Reassessments (CCN1 & 4 Appliances) can take up to a week to complete, however, this depends upon whether you select refresher training and if you require your ACS Reassessment to include appliances. 

What should you expect from an ACS Reassessment?

The ACS Reassessment is broken down into two parts – theoretical and practical examinations. The theory-based section is an ‘open book’ question paper, you will also have access to British Standards that are to be used as references along with the training manual.

Practical examinations are based in the ACS Reassessment Bays within the training centre, which have been specifically designed and built to accommodate exam conditions along with real-life scenarios to ensure that you are competent to complete your ACS Reassessment. 

All tools and materials needed for the practical examination are included within your total price, therefore the price that you pay, literally covers all of your costs to complete your ACS Reassessment.

If you opt for refresher training ahead of your ACS Reassessment, you will have full access to the highest standard of training and assessment exercises. Our trainers are ex-British Gas Engineers, therefore have a huge amount of knowledge and experience that they are more than willing to share.

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