LPG ChangeOver Course

‘Changeover’ actually refers to the equivalent of Core Gas Safety for LPG. If you are already qualified for Core Gas Safety, the LPG module is an item that you can automatically qualify for.

What will you learn?

  • Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 (pertaining to LPG)
  • Relevant Health & Safety Regulations
  • Properties and characteristics of LPG
  • Safe handling
  • Gas storage
  • Pressure, regulators and associated LPG controls
  • Standing and operating pressure
  • LPG pipework and flexible hoses
  • Tightness testing procedures
  • Bulk storage supplies
  • Cylinder supplies
  • Dealing with unsafe situations

The LPG Changeover qualification is delivered in the following categories, therefore it is up to you to decide if you wish to do all four or limit these to specific areas – 

  • LPG Permanent Dwellings
  • LPG Residential Park Homes
  • LPG Leisure Accommodation Vehicles
  • LPG Boats, Yachts & Other Vehicles

What qualification will I receive?

  • CCLP1 or CONGLP1 plus associated dwelling type (plus appliance codes)

Entry Requirements:

You must hold a valid ACS certificate for CCN1 as a minimum. NB, you will need to have the gas equivalents of any appliances that you wish to qualify for in LPG.

This is a very popular course so call today on 0800 6123177 or 07399 031533 for any further information you require and to book yourself a place on the course.