F-Gas Certification

Do you need F Gas Certification?

F Gas Certification for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump engineers
F Gas Certification is a legal requirement for refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump (RACHP) engineers working with Flourinated Gases in accordance with the F Gas Regulations – the legislation which is phasing out harmful F Gases in favour of more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Why complete F Gas training with Viva?
We run LCL Awards’ industry leading F-Gas qualifications, including their Level 3 courses – currently the only higher level qualifications available to F Gas engineers in the UK. Viva is also approved by Worcester Bosch to deliver F Gas training – we train Worcester engineers and use its state of the art heat pump appliances as part of the practical assessment.

All of our F-Gas courses are taught by experienced technicians, who have a huge amount of industry knowledge. Training is delivered to a high standard, in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere.

Which F Gas course is right for you?

F-Gas Category courses
Depending on the equipment your working on – heat pumps or air conditioning, domestic or commercial applications – there are four different F Gas Categories, covering leakage, F Gas recovery, installation and maintenance. We deliver individual and package F Gas courses, including Category 1, which covers all of the different appliances and tasks that require F Gas certification.

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F Gas qualifications for experienced engineers
For F Gas installers who already hold Categories 1 – 4 (valid in the last five years), we deliver specialist training:

Understanding the Properties and use of Flammable Refrigerants, in accordance with ACRIB specification (A2L, A2 and A3).

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Supporting F Gas qualifications
Oxy-fuel Brazing, covering the specialist tools needed to install and repair F Gas related pipework

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