F-Gas Certification

The F-Gas Certification Course / HVAC Course is designed for those working within the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, however, the F-Gas Certification Course / HVAC Course comes in different categories, therefore you can choose the course which is most relevant to what you will be doing.

In order to be able to install Refrigeration, Heat Pumps and other technologies that require the need to deal with Fluorinated gasses, you will require the F-Gas Certification / HVAC Course. Many opt for the Category 1 F-Gas Certification Course / HVAC Course as this allows you to cover all 4 categories and is the most comprehensive course. 

You could complete your F-Gas Certification Course / HVAC Course in up to 5 days if you chose the Category 1 Course – the Category 2-4 courses can take 1-4 days.

What will you learn?

  • Hazards and safe working practices
  • The Storage and Transportation of recovered refrigerants
  • The cause and effects of global warming, climate change and ozone depletion 
  • The recovery of refrigerant and oil in preparation for disposal 
  • Identification of components to air conditioning units and heat pumps 
  • Construction and examination of pipework, pressure testing, evacuation and completion of records 
  • The fabrication and fitting of mechanical brazed joints
  • The installation, commissioning, servicing and repairs of refrigeration systems and heat pumps

Why is the F-Gas Certification Course / HVAC Course so popular?

In reality the F-Gas Regulations have brought a fresh new approach to the industry, however, the principles regarding training and certification haven’t changed. Only qualified technicians should carry out works pertaining to the installation, general maintenance, leak testing, disposal and decommissioning. 

All equipment should be labelled correctly and display three specific factors – a) the global warming potential of the F-Gas, b) Mass of F-Gas in kg and c) the CO2 equivalent mass of F-Gas in tonnes.

In addition to this, new mandatory checks have been implemented to ensure that these are carried out on equipment above a certain size, at specific intervals follows installation/repair etc. Detailed records of these checks should be kept for each piece of equipment to ensure that you remain compliant

The F-Gas Certification Course / HVAC Course is run by supportive, experienced technicians who have a huge amount of industry knowledge. Whilst this is an intensive course, our trainers ensure that there are no compromises to the standard of training provided within a relaxed atmosphere.

Following the completion of your F-Gas Certification Course / HVAC Course, many manufacturers will expect you to complete short training sessions in order for you to be directly accredited with the manufacturer and ‘approved’ to install their products. This can often be a pre-requisite of installing their equipment.

The manufacturer lead courses are a great way of becoming an expert in the products that you are installing and really does allow you the opportunity to forge great relationships with manufacturers which can open the door for many other prospects.