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Fast Track Courses have never been so popular, and are designed to make sure that you can get up and running in your new career in the most efficient timescales as possible. This tends to be ideal for learners who don’t want to spend years waiting to be able to experience the true earning potential of the industry that they are about to enter.

Traditional Apprenticeships can take up to 5 years to complete, and whilst it is a good way to introduce you slowly to your trade, for some people, they struggle with not being fully qualified over such a long period of time. This is where fast track courses come into their own and attract a very specific type of learner – someone who is not only eager to get up and running with their new career but also someone who is keen to start making a return on their investment into the cost for training.

Fast Track Courses allow students to capitalise upon their excitement and enthusiasm that they have for the course that they have just started, and owing to the very hands-on nature of the fast track course, the skills that are learnt are put into practice immediately. Unfortunately, a lot of time can be spent shadowing an experienced operative during an Apprenticeship, without the ability to become involved in a practical way.

From a feedback standpoint, companies who have worked with people who have completed a fast track course, have reported that learners retain more information than those who have been training on traditional apprenticeships for years. The information is fresh, therefore it is less likely to be forgotten when it comes to the practicalities of getting out into the real world and utilising your new skills.

Whilst Apprenticeships can be an excellent way to get to grips with a new industry, completing a Fast Track Course can be just, if not more effective, in getting you up to speed on exactly what you need to know and learning the practical skills to hit the ground running in your new career, upskilling to be more valuable to your employer or broadening your offering to your customers to increase the value of your customers to your business.

What are you waiting for? This is fast-track after-all! Pick up the phone today, talk to one of our friendly team members and choose the fast track course which suits you!

” The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.”

– Tony Robbins

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