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Gas Engineer Information During COVID-19

This is currently a very fluid situation and specific advice for Gas Engineers making either home or business inspections during COVID-19 needs clarification from Government and the HSE.

We will publish updated information as we get it or monitor the Gas Safe Register COVID Advice.

General Information for Gas Engineers

We recommend cancelling new installations or maintenance, where an inspection or investigation must take place we recommend:

  • Personal protective equipment, frequent hand washing and or use hand sanitising gel.
  • Before visiting, confirm whether anyone has been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID 19 – if Yes you should cancel the visit and reschedule after a 14 day period.
  • If anything makes you feel uncomfortable you should leave the premises.

Inform the customer to please remain at least two meters away from yourself whilst in the premises, ideally be in another room.

You do not need customer signatures on documentation or warning notices during this period.

There is no extension available of your Gas Safe Registration period as a result of the COVID-19 situation.

COVID19 Guidance for Employers and Businesses - VIVA Training Academy

ACS Reassessment During COVID-19

Gas Safe Register states that, “Engineers may be required to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to renew their qualifications. Engineers MUST maintain their Gas Safe registration during any extension of their ACS qualification period if they are carrying out gas work.This is a temporary measure and does not remove the standing requirement for registered gas engineers to maintain their ACS certification and renew certification every 5 years.”

VIVA Training Academy has made provisions for Gas Engineers to RESIT their ACS reassessment on a one to one basis with social distancing measures in place, in a warm friendly comfortable training centre.

Call on 0800 6123177 or 07399 031533 to book your ACS Reassessment on a one to one basis.


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