LPG Courses We Offer

The LPG module is a direct follow on from Natural Gas. If you are already qualified and deemed as being competent to deal with Natural Gas, then the LPG course is specifically relating to the concept of the ‘changeover’ – the differences between the delivery of Natural Gas and LPG, along with the way in which they are connected and tested etc. 

CoNGLP1 is the course code for ‘Changeover’ and is the standard qualification code that the majority of learners will receive, this should, however, be followed by a ‘location’ which in effect qualifies you to install, commission, service and repair appliances within them i.e. Caravans, Park Homes, Yachts etc. 

  • Leisure Accommodation Vehicles CoNGLP1LAV
  • Permanent Dwellings CoNGLP1PD
  • Residential Park Homes CoNGLP1RPH
  • Boats & Yachts CoNGLP1B
  • Closed Flue Gas Fires HTRLP2

Whatever qualification codes you have for appliances in Natural Gas, are automatically applied to LPG, therefore, this also means that in order to gain qualification for an appliance on LPG, you must already be qualified for the same appliance on Natural Gas.

Entry Requirements

You must hold a valid ACS certification for the units that you wish to be assessed for, and must have been qualified for a minimum of 6 months and registered as a Gas Safe Registered Engineer in order to undergo assessment.