LPG Training and Assessment

Liquified Petroleum Gas (known as LPG) is an alternative fuel commonly used for heating appliances and cooking equipment where natural gas is not available, for example, in rural areas not serviced by the gas grid. If you are a gas installer who counts countryside clients in its customer-base, then upskilling into this area could be a smart business move.

LPG is stored in permanent tanks or pressurised bottles of various sizes, making it the ideal fuel for a range of portable applications including boats, yachts and leisure accommodation vehicles, such as caravans and motor homes. 

LPG is also used for park homes and static caravan fleets on holiday parks. 

The main LPG gases are Propane and Butane, or a mixture of the two.  

ACS route to LPG
Viva Training’s LPG courses are for experienced Gas Safe Registered engineers who have been qualified for a minimum of 6 months.

LPG training with Viva
LPG training and assessment is the perfect complement to gas ACS, which we also offer at our purpose-built centre. Courses are delivered by ex-British Gas installers and we know what it takes to succeed in this industry – Viva’s founder, Richard Firth runs a successful heating business. We pride ourselves on being helpful and supportive to give our candidates the best chance of success.

Which LPG course is right for me?

LPG Changeover (CONGLP1)

If you hold a valid CCN1 or COCN1 qualification, you can take our LPG Changeover (CONGLP1) course which will qualify you to install, service and repair domestic LPG appliances in permanent dwellings and other premises.

Location specific modules

For operatives who already hold a valid CONGLP1, Viva Training offers a range of individual modules, including leisure accommodation vehicles – caravans and motorhomes, homes, park homes, boats and LPG fires.

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