LPG Courses

Liquid Petroleum Gas – LPG

Where Is LPG Used?

Liquid Petroleum Gas, also known as LPG is most commonly used in remote areas where the Natural Gas Network does not service, for instance, Park Homes, Leisure Accommodation Vehicles, Boats and Yachts.

Which Gases Are included within LPG?

The two main LPG gases covered are Propane and Butane.

Propane and Butane are naturally colourless, odourless, highly flammable gases which are easily compressed and turned into a liquid form so they can be easily stored and transported.

The best known LPG brand is Calor Gas but today there are many brands to choose from when buying LPG.

It comes in various bottle sizes and permanent tanks which could be buried in the consumers garden, mounted above ground and there are communal tanks which are large enough to serve a small community.

Both propane and butane have a stench added to them so that they can be detected by humans in case of a leak.

They are both from the Alkane family consisting only of the elements hydrogen and carbon, making them hydrocarbons.

Propane is a three-carbon gas and butane is a four-carbon gas which is the only difference between the two gasses.

LPG Qualification Categories & Codes

Qualifications are separated into the following categories of LPG Courses

  • LPG Changeover – CONGLP1
  • LPG in Permanent Dwellings – PD1
  • LPG in Residential Park Homes – RPH1
  • LPG in Leisure Accommodation Vehicles – LAV1
  • LPG In Boats & Yachts – B1

The LPG changeover course is designed for domestic gas engineers who want to install. commission, service and repair LPG appliances.

The entry requirement

Core Domestic Natural Gas Safety (CCN1) as well as the gas qualifications for the appliances which you wish to work on.

Course names and codes can look a little bit confusing, if you are in doubt don’t hesitate to call us.

Call 0800 6123177 or 07399 031533 and a member of our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.

As an example, to work on LPG cookers in a residential park home, you will need the following qualifications to do so – 

  • CCN1 Core Domestic Gas Safety
  • CKR1 Domestic Natural Gas Cookers
  • CoNGLP1 LPG Changeover
  • RPH1 Residential Park Homes

Our LPG Changeover package qualifies you for the full range of appliances which you currently hold domestic gas qualifications for.

There is no time like the present to broaden your skillset and qualifications enabling you to work with more customers.

Call 0800 6123177 or 07399 031533 to book your course today.